Mae Hong Son Tour

Mae Hong Son the Romantic Province

One of the most beautiful cities surrounded with high mountains is Mae Hong Son. It is the northern most provincial city located in valley circled by mountain ranges. Cool climate of this city prevails almost throughout the year. It is one of the most protected cities on the grounds of environment and also supports livelihood of around 300000 populations. You can witness strong influence of Burmese in many of the provincial temples and buildings architecture. Some of the attractions that you visit by availing Maehongson tour packages are Wat Phra That, Doi Kong Moo, etc. This wonderful view of temples surrounded with valleys and mountains would make your visit a mesmerising one. You will also find outstanding yet popular images of Buddha and village lifestyles in glass painting form. Popular paintings are Wat Jong Kam and Wat Jong Klang.

pang ung

MAE HONG SON “city of the three mists” is nestled in the deep valley sheltered by numerous high mountains that make the city virtually cover with mist throughout the year. In the past, the town was isolated due to bad transportation and lack of communications from the outside world. The name “Mae Hong Son” refers to the fact that the terrain is highly suitable for training the elephants. In the olden day, Chiangmai Governors used to organise the rounding up of wild elephants which were trained before being sent to  Chiangmai for work. “MAE HONG SON” today, is one of “ The Dream Destination “ for visitors, attached by the spectacular scenery, numerous hilltribes, especialy the long-necked Karen or Padong and also soft adventure opportunities.