Pai Canyon climb and explore unique landscapes

Staggering view at Pai Canyon and challenging hikes

pai canyon, tour to pai canyon

Pai Canyon is a great place to head for sunset and for a walk before really unusual landscape and a great view point.

The Pai Canyon’s landscape is truly unique.  Tall pillars of rock make for quite the treacherous and interesting climb, but a worthwhile one, because the vista is simply beautiful.

pai canyon, tour to pai canyon

If you appreciate nature you will enjoy this spot as it provides gorgeous views. You can climb down & across for the best views. It’s a popular spot to watch the sunset but beautiful day or evening and challenging walk to reach the canyon. Overall an amazing view and a must see for any adventurous traveller.

There are food and drink stalls and a bathroom near the parking lot and then you climb up about 5 minutes to reach the Pai canyon.

pai canyon, tour to pai canyon

After climbing a short staircase on the Western edge of the canyon hikers will see a narrow ridge of Earth, all that remains of a walking path through the canyon. Erosion on either side of the path has caused the forest level to drop dramatically with only the tips of the plants rising above the level of the path. With drops of up to 30 meters on either side of the strange trail, traversing it can be dangerous.

It takes around 30 minutes of sweat circle walk with amazing view! make sure you have water and foto camera. good comfortable footwear are preferable

pai canyon, tour to pai canyon

It’s really good for a day trip combining with land split and very challenging. Be careful of your planning to hike it, bring good shoes and water.

We recommend getting there when the sunset. It’s an amazing view. The trip isn’t to hard, and you can find there great view point of the jungles and mountains. Be careful of the edges, especially with children.

pai canyon, tour to pai canyon

Pai Canyon is in Ban Rong Yang, just 7km from Pai district. It is a high eroded cliff, just like Pa Muang Pee in Phrae Province, and has a large area around 8,000 sq.m. connecting the way to Maemalai-Pai.

There is no entrance fee to visit Pai Canyon. If you have your own transport the location is easy to find just off Highway 1095. If you’re staying in Pai and book a day tour of the area, Pai Canyon will usually feature on the itinerary alongside other locations such as Tha Pai World War 2 Memorial Bridge and Wat Phra That Mae Yen temple. Most of the agency tours do offer Pai Canyon trip in the evening, for around 100 baht including transportation and 1 hour in Pai Canyon for sunset!



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